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The Wind Never Quits: In Chicago, we weather storms and keep pushing forward. The Chicago Winds never back down; we rise stronger.


Respect the Game, Respect Each Other: We play hard but with respect in Chicago. On the field and off, we honor the game and each teammate.


The Sky's Da Limit: Like our iconic skyline, there's no limit to what we can achieve. The Chicago Winds reach for the sky, aiming high in every endeavor. We Bleed Blue, White, Red: The colors of our flag are more than a symbol; they're a declaration. Blue for our fluidity, white for our unity, and red for the fire that fuels our success.


The name 'Chicago Winds' captures the essence of our great city. Chicago is famously known as the 'Windy City,' our team name pays homage to that iconic identity. The Winds represent the unstoppable force and relentless drive that characterizes our city and team. Our logo, featuring the distinctive Chicago skyline, symbolizes the strength and resilience of our community, towering high and proud against any challenge.

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Our team colors – deeper blue and sky blue, with neon yellow accents – reflect Chicago's dynamic energy and vibrant spirit. The navy and sky blue represent the deep roots and boundless sky of possibilities. At the same time, the neon yellow adds energy and optimism, embodying the bright future we envision for women's football in our city.


"The opportunity to bring a team to Chicago has always been my vision. This endeavor ignites a fire within me, driving me forward with so much determination. As a Black woman in sports and beyond, I carry the weight of representation on my shoulders, and it's a responsibility I embrace with enthusiasm. I know firsthand the importance of seeing someone who looks like me excel in these spaces—it's a powerful message that transcends boundaries and inspires others who have been marginalized. My journey is about more than personal success; it's about breaking down barriers and creating a path for other women of color to follow so they, too, can unleash their full potential and thrive in any arena they choose.

After women's football in Chicago ended in 2017, I felt the absence of that empowering community of female athletes. As an athlete then, I intimately understood the value and importance of being part of a team, and I couldn't bear to let that spirit fade away. I knew I had to seize the chance to join the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC), a competitive league seeking individuals with entrepreneurial expertise to lead franchises. My experience as a business owner and leader equipped me with the skills needed to build and sustain a team, while my commitment to equity and the advancement of women in sports perfectly aligned with the league's values. Bringing a team back to Chicago isn't just about the game—it's about reigniting that sense of empowerment and community for female athletes across the city. "

-President and Owner Angelique Smith

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